Amanda and Alex | A Boston Love story

Labor day is not supposed to have so much work in it, but the thought and planning that Alex did to make this day happen is worth it more than words can describe. Guy’s if you are reading this, your girl will love you when a little thought and process goes into it, take notes:)

Today started before the sun came up! Lindsay and I headed out to Ponce Inlet for a shoot with Amanda and her mom, Gloria. It was great to see them again, and of course, Tiffany too! (she is wind control)

Tiffany on wind control:) (hair and makeup expert)


We spent some time doing individual photos of each and then did some fun ones of them together. Little did Amanda know that the best part was coming…

About two weeks ago Alex, Amanda’s boyfriend, contacted me wanting to plan his engagement proposal to Amanda right after the shoot. During the shoot, Lindsay and Tiffany were in contact with Alex keeping him updated and waiting for him to arrive. Once Alex arrived, I positioned Amanda (who had no clue!) so she wouldn’t see Alex walking up. Lindsay met Alex at his car and walked him down to the beach, and that’s where he took over.

As I was taking pictures with Amanda I kept telling her to back up…while Alex was walking towards her. He got close enough and said “excuse me”. She turned around and was so surprised! Alex was supposed to be in NYC, not Florida! Lindsay and I were both able to catch the moment as he got down on one knee, asked her “will you marry me?” and she said “YES!”.  Yes, Amanda, it’s real life 🙂

She said yes! Definitely!

The ring? Oh yes I didn’t forget about that. Alex, wow, omg, wow!

  Such a great experience to witness two people so in love and such thoughtfulness from Alex.

I am not responsible for any broken monitors or blindness, but wow! 😀

Mom and Tiff were off to the lunch date and we did a mini engagement shoot hot out of the oven!  (I heart black and whites)

A true love story unfolding! <3

I gotta stop hiding that shiny thing 🙂

Alex wanted to say thank’s to Gloria Blanco-Kelly, Robin SilbermanKatie ChecklinJamie AnsorgeRyane MartinMark DickinsonLindsay DickinsonAdam Clark, and Tiffany Clark and of course, the girl who said yes, Amanda Kelly!



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