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Listening to love stories about people and how they met is always amazing with me. This one especially it seems is about taking chances, and making those dreams come true. From our perspective all they had to do is fall in love and we could compete the rest. Allie and Matteo first met with us  about 6-8 months before their wedding. With Matteo being from Italy, and all of the family coming over I knew we had to make sure we had the story told just right for the wedding for the family overseas to see. Enough about us, listen to this love story!

The photos are authentic from Italy Taken by Allie and Mateo DSC_8903

Allie and Matteo met  while he was here training to be a pilot. They began dating and  it was clear that they were destined for a beautiful relationship. Allie describes it as an adventure right from the start. They took a trip to the Bahamas right after they met. Allie knew that she was inseparable from him, however some turn of events were going to keep them apart for a while. Matteo finished his pilot training and he was to head back home. Matteo wasn’t planing on staying in the US, and this part of their relationship strengthened them more than anything you could imagine. Matteo went back to Italy after completing his pilot license in August 2010, Allie couldn’t let him be for too long. She made the trip to Italy in August, and then in October. They realized that this was going to be impossible with traveling back and forth. But what love does to you only makes you stronger. Being so distant from each other not only allowed their relationship to grow in a different way that most know, but it also created a wonderful feeling when they did get to see each other. You know almost like the loved one off to sea. Well Matteo decided that he was going to come back to New Smyrna Beach in 2011. As Allie describes it, “Matteo, made the journey back “home” to New Smyrna Beach in January.  On February 24th, 2011 Matteo proposed and made me the happiest girl in the world…” When they are together you can definitely see it and feel it with them. Matteo and Allie do plan on traveling back to see their family in the upcoming months, but at least now they will be together on these journeys. I was so honored to be able to complete some engagement photos for them on the beach. It was a rainy day and this coined them the umbrella couple.  Their Wedding was on September 24, 2011 was a dream come true for Allie.   Their  families came together and his family made the long journey from Italy to be with us on our special day which meant the world to us, according to Allie. The day could not have been more perfect and we can now say fairy tales do come true, dreams change and things don’t always go the way you thought they would but reality is even better!… One of the quotes we lived by through all the ups and downs was “Dreams become reality one choice at a time”.  – Allie Micheletti


I think it’s pronounced Mish-a-letti. Custom hangers are always a nice flair.





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Cake: Pastry Studio

Catering: Upper Deck

Photographer: Mark & Lindsay (us)

DJ: Mike Knowlton of Celebration DJs

Wedding Planner: Lindsay Rachael Events

Venue: Atlantic Center for the Arts

Florist: Pink Flamingo at Petals

Decor & Centerpieces: CC Hunt



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