Sometimes when you fall in love, a soft simple shot like this screams everything you need when your engaged! | Kathryn and Daryl In love and engaged! | Destination Engagement Photgrapher

I can’t explain enough how I love when I have to do absolutely nothing to make a couple project an amazing photo of love like this one. The warmth from the blanket, their touch and the focus directly on them. Here’s their love story!

A soft sweet engagement photo shoot

Daryl and Kathryn met for the first time on July 4th, 2009. At the time their lives were headed in opposite directions; Kathryn was going to college in Jacksonville, while Daryl was focusing on his career in Melbourne. They both took notice of each other, but did not pursue it further for the time-being. Almost two years later, Daryl contacted Kathryn, after feeling led by God to do so. They had not spoken since their initial meeting, but he kept seeing her picture out of the blue for multiple months. Daryl will tell you that Kathryn’s ┬ásmile led him to take the chance and get in touch with her even though they were living 170 miles apart. Kathryn immediately contacted him, and let him know that she would be in town the next day. The following day, they had their first date. Daryl picked Kathryn up on her version of a “white horse”, his motorcycle and whisked her away for a night that would change both of their lives. They immediately had an intense connection, spending all of their free time traveling to see each other. They fell in love over countless Skype dates and stolen moments on weekends. Although their courtship has had many trials, they have done nothing but connect them deeper. They have supported each other through a two-month separation and an emergency surgery. Through it all, Daryl became Kathryn’s rock. On November 23rd, Daryl got down on one knee. True to form Kathryn was saying “Yes, yes, yes!!” before the words ever left his lips.

“We feel so blessed to have found each other and be starting this amazing journey together. I know whatever comes our way we will be able to overcome because we are by each other’s side. Our friends and families tell us we have something rare, and we will cherish it that way.” -Kathryn and Daryl




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