Lindsay and I took the day off (partially) Enjoy some time out together, it will make you feel wonderful! (even if you have to break some rules)

So after getting a haircut today Lindsay and I took her car to get it washed. We haven’t done that since the 19th after driving back from New Orleans. Keke Get’s weird when we leave the house meowing and needy Lindsay suggested a leash. I say get a dog:) ha. But I wanted to get lunch after and come back home and enjoy time out of the office.
Our Kitty Keke!

We hit up subway after the car was and improvised a quick picnic since we had a quilt in the car from a photo-shoot.
Lindsay Meatball Sub is usually my favorite! (her’s too)
The view was nice, but a little cold:) Then UT-OH!

On the way out we noticed the sign, refrain from picnicking on the grounds.
Oops. well we cleaned up and made no mess. But why no picnic in the park!?
ANYHOW yeah you gotta break a few rules sometimes to make a relaxing day but its worth it.
Take your sweetie out and sit in the park for 15 minutes it will make you feel amazing!



Shauna Rivera - January 30, 2012 - 7:49 pm

Too cute you guys! I love the refrain from picnicking sign! Glad you guys had some time off! =)

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