Wedding Tip: no. 14 | Hanging your dress how to, or not to!

This week we’re going to talk about hanging your dress. When you are doing all the preparation for the weddings, putting things together making it your custom wedding, try out personalized hangers. These are unique and fun. If this trend doesn’t fit your style, have a custom wood one engraved with your monogram or names! While the plastic ones are just fine for hanging the dress weight wise, and appearance, a little flare of personal touch might be something you are looking for. We broke down a photoshopped image cost here from time, stock photography (to do it legally we have to buy the image and make sure we do not violate any copyright even on a picture of a hanger). So here goes!

Below is an image that we created with a stock photo of a wooden hanger using the original hook.


(left) Plastic hanger with hanging wedding dress, (right) wood hanger photoshopped in.

Photoshop  $699.00

Stock photo: $45.00 from istockphoto (cost) 50.00 charge to client
Graphic artist time: 0.5 @$25.00/hr (cost) 1hr minimum 25.00 total
Research time 0.25 @$25.00/hr
Billed to you as a client: $95.00 for the updated image

Total $95.00 for ‘photoshopping’ Please pay upon receipt!

SO check out these custom hangers that I found on etsy:

Inspired by Kendadi

Hanger Design Center

Two Broads Design

Rockabuy Creations

They are around 20-40.00 and will be a keepsake for the rest of the years! The custom touch might be something you like! Have a creative cute idea? Share it on our facebook!





Cat - February 22, 2012 - 11:43 pm

You forgot: Having Mark take your pictures – PRICELESS!

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