Wedding Tip: no. 14 | Hanging your dress how to, or not to!

This week we’re going to talk about hanging your dress. When you are doing all the preparation for the weddings, putting things together making it your custom wedding, try out personalized hangers. These are unique and fun. If this trend doesn’t fit your style, have a custom wood one engraved with your monogram or names! […]

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Cat - February 22, 2012 - 11:43 pm

You forgot: Having Mark take your pictures – PRICELESS!

Lindsay and I took the day off (partially) Enjoy some time out together, it will make you feel wonderful! (even if you have to break some rules)

So after getting a haircut today Lindsay and I took her car to get it washed. We haven’t done that since the 19th after driving back from New Orleans. Keke Get’s weird when we leave the house meowing and needy Lindsay suggested a leash. I say get a dog:) ha. But I wanted to get […]

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Shauna Rivera - January 30, 2012 - 7:49 pm

Too cute you guys! I love the refrain from picnicking sign! Glad you guys had some time off! =)

Sometimes when you fall in love, a soft simple shot like this screams everything you need when your engaged! | Kathryn and Daryl In love and engaged! | Destination Engagement Photgrapher

I can’t explain enough how I love when I have to do absolutely nothing to make a couple project an amazing photo of love like this one. The warmth from the blanket, their touch and the focus directly on them. Here’s their love story! Daryl and Kathryn met for the first time on July 4th, […]

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Congratulations Krista & Kevin | Sunset Harbor Yacht Club | Destination Wedding Photographer

  Krista and Kevin’s story: “We met for the first time in the spring at college, getting to know each other over coffee and breaks between classes. In the fall I left to study abroad in England, where we spent the semester sending letters, Skype dates, and began falling in love from over 4,000 miles […]

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Allie & Matteo | Atlantic Center for the Arts

Listening to love stories about people and how they met is always amazing with me. This one especially it seems is about taking chances, and making those dreams come true. From our perspective all they had to do is fall in love and we could compete the rest. Allie and Matteo first met with us […]

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